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Killzone’s Official Website Has “Retired”


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Guerrilla Games delivered their best game ever with Horizon Zero Dawn, and the game’s immediate critical and commercial success made it clear that that was the IP they’d be focused on for the foreseeable future. That, of course, has meant the slow demise of Killzone. 2013’s Killzone Shadow Fall was the last game in the series, and since then, it has been completely missing from the limelight.

While many have hoped that the series will eventually return at some point (even though Guerrilla have been reluctant to talk about the same), it now seems quite unlikely. The official Killzone website has been “retired” by Sony and Guerrilla Games. Heading to the site now shows a message regarding the same (which you can view below), with Guerrilla explaining that though this doesn’t affect the online components of Killzone Shadow Fall and Killzone Mercenary, the site itself will lead to PlayStation.com in the future.

This is not a death knell for the series necessarily, but it’s not a positive development by any means. The odds of Killzone returning any time soon are looking quite slim.

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By: Shubhankar Parijat
Title: Killzone’s Official Website Has “Retired”
Sourced From: gamingbolt.com/killzones-official-website-has-retired
Published Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2021 15:38:13 +0000


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