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Do you provide airlines with feedback on your flights?


Companies love to get feedback on how they are doing. Dashboards reporting customer satisfaction metrics are part of management reporting at many organisations, as it is quite important.

Marketing students will remember the old chestnut that a happy customer will tell one or two others about the experience, while someone dissatisfied will tell 10 others. It makes sense for a service business to track this on an ongoing basis.

Post-Flight Surveys

It is an unfortunate aspect of human nature that good service so often goes unrecognised, while bad service is immediately flagged. Those delivering excellent service really deserve a pat on the back.

Airlines have various ways of collecting feedback. In recent years, the favoured method seems to be the e-mail survey. After a flight, you get an e-mail asking you to take a few minutes to tell the airline about your experience.

These usually use a rating scale out of 10, on various aspects of the experience. You’ll be asked to rate check-in, the airline lounge, the on board experience, “Welcome from the crew” and other elements like that.

Other airlines like Cathay Pacific often pass around a paper survey before the flight ends. You complete it on board and hand it back, with the bonus that you can keep the pen. I always complete both types of surveys as it will only make my experience better in future.

Web Feedback

Some airlines have a form online where you can submit customer compliments. On British Airways, you go to ba.com/welldone, complete the form and it is passed on to the person and their manager.

Another example is Qatar Airways, who have qatarairways.com/tellus as their link. When going to the web page, you need to choose “Write to us” on the right and then fill in the form, which is for compliments and complaints.

Interestingly, feedback forms are not particularly easy to find on airline web sites. That makes it a bit of a mission to leave great comments but my advice is to persevere as it is worth making someone’s day if they have given great service.

Overall Thoughts

No doubt the negative outweighs the positive when it comes to feedback in the service industry. It is a shame, as so many people give fantastic service day in and day out and yet are not recognised as well as they could be.

I make a point of always giving good feedback when it’s warranted. Nothing freaks out a telephone service rep by asking for their supervisor at the end of the call. They almost audibly gasp but when you say you want to give good feedback, they usually put you through.

Are you someone who takes the time to recognise people who have given you good service? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Title: Do you provide airlines with feedback on your flights?
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